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Hope Andy Scott comes to VERT ATTACK IV 

Sir Andy Scott has some good video section on Side Walk skateboard magazine.


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Streetskills...Mika Edin 

Bellows 'Mika The Movie' from Martin Karlsson on Vimeo.

Don't miss this part with vertskater Mika Edin showing some serious streetskills! Filmed by Erik Abrahamsson and edited by Martin Karlsson.

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Late is my middle name... 

Watch some Nord

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More Vert on VERT.NU 

Saw that Bob Joosten has put his final project of EMMA/HKU school of arts Utrecht from 2005 up on VIMEO. It's a documentary on three of europes best vertskateboarders and their lives. Starring Jeurgen Horrwarth, Jussi Korhonen and Giorgio Zattoni.


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1986 Vert Skateboarding Contest Vancouver 

Check it out on YouTube

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Zarosh's DIY 

DIY “skate park” that Zarosh has built with friends over the last few years. Found this clip on a blog called Confusion Magazine, CONFUZINE. Confuzine also has some info about skate parks that Minus Ramps have built in and around Germany.

Confusion Magazine is an international underground diy skate, music, art, surf magazine. Rising from the death of Concussion Magazine, Confusion begins were Concussion left off, or rather, began, representing the lifestyle of the skate, surf, music and art universal world. A print ‘zine will exist throughout the planet but for those who cannot get a copy, there is at least the online presence. www.confusionmagazine.com

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Divine Transitions 

Haven't we all seen some really nice transitions in odd places, only to be skated in fantasy.....Pelle Hybinette made this fantasy come true with the aid of green paint, a vertramp and some skateboarders.(Sarah Meurle, Mika Edin, Koffe Hallgren, J-Mag, Viktor Sjödin and Jugga) Final result was on SVT tonight and can be seen on SVTplay here. Behind the scenes on vimeo here.

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