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Hot Girls Make Male Skaters Charge Harder 

It seems like one of those obvious things, but according to a new report published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science being in the presence of attractive women made male skateboarders attempt more difficult tricks, according to a post on the Chronicle of Higher Learning.

The study also found that the men had higher testosterone levels in the presence of the attractive woman, which, the authors theorize, may have led them to take more risks, presumably to impress her.

Sounds like it might not be a bad idea to take some heaters along on your next skate filming outing. Click the link to download the entire article in a PDF.

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Clash at Clairemont 2010 - moving pics 

Well here's a link to it any way

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RM vert warm up pics 

Here are a few pics from the warm up... film of the finals up soon.

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Bunkern Best Trick 

I told you it was going to be a ''hell yeah'' year :-)

As far as I know it starts at 17.00 on the 3rd April. Info and more details here.

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Good deed for the day/weekend/spring 

Well then, I arrived at Kristineberg and apparently there had been an ''American guy'' and done a hell of a lot of ice breaking... (could that be Tom?). Looked pretty depressing when we got there, (Stefan ''The Conductor'', Henrik ''Mr. Nord'' and myself, DÖ). But after about half an hour we managed to get so far. Then a whole bunch of younger guys joined in and helped out :-)

So after about 2 hours we got this far, here and here. So with a bit of daylight/sunshine it should be dry enough to sk8. Lets hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for helping out :-)

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Going to Kristineberg with a spade... 

...will be there today (Friday 26th March) at about 16.00. Anyone else with a spade is welcome to come along as well :-)

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JOHN DOE ZINE | Blog Talk Radio Feed 

Found this little gem... JOHN DOE ZINE | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Interviews with Jeff Grosso, Kevin Staab and Juice Magazine... just to name a few

Or get it on iTunes here

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