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Good deed for the day/weekend/spring 

Well then, I arrived at Kristineberg and apparently there had been an ''American guy'' and done a hell of a lot of ice breaking... (could that be Tom?). Looked pretty depressing when we got there, (Stefan ''The Conductor'', Henrik ''Mr. Nord'' and myself, DÖ). But after about half an hour we managed to get so far. Then a whole bunch of younger guys joined in and helped out :-)

So after about 2 hours we got this far, here and here. So with a bit of daylight/sunshine it should be dry enough to sk8. Lets hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for helping out :-)

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JOHN DOE ZINE | Blog Talk Radio Feed 

Found this little gem... JOHN DOE ZINE | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Interviews with Jeff Grosso, Kevin Staab and Juice Magazine... just to name a few

Or get it on iTunes here

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Stockholm Subsurfers have new blog 

Info on new projects and old check it out

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Blast from the past... 

Rodney, Per W, Hawk and many more... maybe even Holis.

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Casa Surf Project 

Ever thought it’d be cool to sleep in a gallery surrounded by world class art? How about having a skateboard mini bar in your room or faux grass, vintage lawn chairs and a fondue set for a picnic in your suite? Surf’s up in Laguna Beach at the La Casa del Camino Hotel. Ten suites in ten different styles ranging from the Etnies Suite to the Quiksilver Suite and the Billabong Women's Suite.

Now we are waiting for an invite after this shameless hype. More pics here.

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Borlänge road trip PART 0.001 

Part 0.001 here (Avesta & Vert) bowl film soon.

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2010 smäller det 

John Magnusson har postat detta kryptiska meddelande i sin FB-profil. Är det månne en ny Sverigecup på gång fast i betongparker? Endast framtiden har svaret men förmodligen kommer det mer information här.

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