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Nordpoolen bjöd som vanligt på en kanontillställning. Alla vanliga ingredienser var på plats , hög klass på skateboardåkningen, eldtunna och BBQ, tack Nord!
Dave fanns på plats och har så varit hela veckan, hans bilder kommer snart och i väntan på dom, håll tillgodo med dessa. To the album, klick here

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While waiting.... 

Avsnitt 75 from Oh SO PRIMITIVE on Vimeo.

While waiting for all the photos,videos and other stuff from the Bacon,Nord and Coyote Circus travelling around the country, check out the MiniPipe session from Gagnef! And don´t miss the Circus final at the NordPool tomorrow at 17.00!

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Actionpark GBG 

Time for review of the Actionpark in Gothenburg. Unfortunately we went to visit the park at the same time as 200 kickbikes...Not that easy to find the lines with all that crap flying around. Anyway the number of vert stickers for the park is 3.

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Falkenberg tested. 

Today the Bacon,Nord & Coyote teams will show up in Falkenberg Skatepark for a demo (if the weather let them..)Already yesterday vert.nu testrider Simon K did a couple of testruns in the brand new park and it gets 4 out 5 vert stickers overall. The bowl with it´s supersmooth vikingblocks coping gets 5! Congratulations Falkenberg!

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And the winner is... 

Benji Galloway,followed by Steven Reeves and Stu Graham! Thanks Malmö and John for another fantastic weekend in Stapelbäddsparken! There will be more pictures coming but be patient, it is a hard work to be on the road....

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More pics soon

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Ultra Bowl update 

Even though the competition had to be delayed a couple of times due to some rain, the first day of qualifications were finished almost on time. The last heat in the masters qualification was postponed until Sunday after a hard slam involving ambulance transportation with an injured leg. Get well Tommy! Besides that and some rain, day one was a success, definately for the Bacon boys that ended up with four out of five riders in the semi. Among them Johnny Turgesen that were ripping all over the pool as you can see in the picture above. There will be more pics eventually....

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