Aug 172015

Two comps on one day, isn’t that awesome :) The ramp in Säter saw more use in one day than it normally does in a month. The day started out with the team contest where four teams with three skaters each competed in doing tricks from a predefined list. The tricks:

Grind, handplant, Smith grind, Rock’n roll, Footplant , Ollie, Boardslide, Stalefish, Layback air (into handplant ), B’s air, Madonna. Each rider got one shot each except Jocke who got two tries at backside air :)

Winner ; Team 2 : Mika Löfgren, Jocke Olsson, Tor Ståhl

2: plats Team 1: Casper Plass, Patric Backlund, Peter Linell

3: plats Team 3 : Björn Lindström Tony Jansson Magnus Hanehöj

4: plats Team 4: Niclas Folkesson Macki Vertboy Pelle Evertsson

Teh second competition was in the form of a jam session where the runs were judged by Pontus Björn. There Jocke Olsson showed why he is the best vert rider in the country, which took him to first place. Björn Lindström ripped into second despite having a pretty bad knee injury. Magnus Hanehöj frontsided his way into third place. Congrats guys :)

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