May 222015

Friday the 5th of June there will be a grand premiere of the relation documentary “Inte helt 100”.
Covering the 35 years of friendship between our Swedish skateboard legends and great friends Johnny Sandberg and Janne Loftén.During a year Christopher Sanitate and crew member Klas “TheKlas” Hjertberg followed Janne & Johnny around with a camera up their faces. Premiere will be at Bio Rio Hornstull, Stockholm. Go and get your tickets now!

Find out some more about the project and view some trailers here.

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  7 Responses to “Inte Helt 100 – The movie”

  1. Halloj!
    Kommer filmen att visas på fler ställen?
    Typ Folkets Bio?
    Skulle gärna vilja att den visas i Växjö.

    Mvh Maoing?

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