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  1. Hi NathanThanks for your comments.In idyitifenng the playpark site on The Green, our group also considerered (and discounted as unsuitable) 18 other areas in and around the village. Guidance on siting an informal wheeled sports facility is very clear for a site to be safe and successful, it must have adequate access for emergency vehicles, two safe exit points, visible to the casual observer (passing traffic and pedestrians), accessible to users, have no danger of leaf-fall (which would generally mean clearing a large area in some of the considered sites not generally insurmountable), and be at least 30 metres from the boundary of the nearest residential dwelling. In addition, we have also added to this criteria, that the site must not block rights of way or access to other facilities, and that it is available to be leased at low/no cost the previous skatepark project, although granted planning permission, we’re unable to secure a lease for their proposed site. We have focused our efforts, to date, on the playpark site as it is the ONLY one that fulfills all these criteria. Our only aim and objective has been to secure the best skatepark in the best location for the young people of Aboyne. In addition to this, we firmly believe that the youngest of Aboyne’s residents will also benefit hugely from this facility! Our plan is to create a play facility in this space that can be used by all children, not just teenagers. It will bring visitors (families!) into the area, both to spectate, use the skatepark (AND the playpark), and perhaps picnic in the playpark or on The Green .But perhaps a compromise could be reached . However, if that compromise means siting the skatepark in a less visible location, then we believe it will set this project up to fail. Users will not visit a facility that’s tucked away as they just won’t feel safe there. Parents won’t be happy with their 10-15 year olds (the facility’s target user-group) frequenting the site. It will be vandalized and it will fall into disrepair . The nay-sayers will have their fears and misconceptions confirmed, and the young people will again feel on the receiving end of negativity that they grow to expect. Is this viewpoint dreadfully negative of us as a group? Maybe. Unfortunately it’s been proven to be the case in the skateparks we’ve studied that have been sited in out-of-the-way locations. If the community of Aboyne really do want a skatepark and they say (and we believe) that they do let’s hope that they also want a safe, well-placed, and ultimately, successful skatepark that can be enjoyed for generations of young people to come.

  2. Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. :)

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  4. , to whit: "Acting isn't an art, it's a craft, that can be learned by anybody". From the man who did The Agony And The Ecstasy, The Ten Commandments, El Cid, etc. I wonder how many "Psych/Intro to teaching exceptional students" type courses film majors have to take today?

  5. How do you get a picture? I don’t want one; just curious.Is pretty much any comment approved, other than spam, or something like: “Someone go to John Smith’s house (123 Abc Ave) and beat him up!” for example?How are story ratings and comment posts saved so you can only vote once? IP?VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 2 votes)

  6. Hej Sara,Jeg har selv der der Hipstermagic (eller hvad den hedder) app på min iPhone. Men er ikke helt opdateret på den. Så vil høre hvilken film og linse (er det ikke det dét hedder) du bruger på dette billede? Det nemlig super flot

  7. I would think the second would be worse, because the lungs are trying to develop, and it could stunt thatbut then again, the first is trying to get things, just dont. Was this answer helpful?

  8. that it locks the whole database file whenever anything needs to update it, which is what you’re seeing.It’s 6:30AM, so I’m a little fuzzy and probably haven’t thought things through.You could try is to cache the results somewhere. Generate a hash from the parameters, and then use that as the key, or something. I don’t know how many duplicates you generate, so it may not save you anything. You’d obviously have to clear the cache on a database reload.You could also create a temporary database for each generation, populate it, and then delete it when it’s done.

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