Sep 072014

It was a sunny day in September… Well, it was really but lets skip the crap. The first contest in the GUBb CIP Series took place in Säter, Dalarna, this weekend. The starting field was not that large but it was a great mix of skaters both old and young. The contest format was a world first in that it was a team contest with one veteran and one young gun on each team. Pelle was the birthday boy so he was chosen to be a team on his own. The rules were simple. All team members got two shots at landing a trick that was called out by the speaker, none other than Dalarnas own Berra Berggren. A landed trick was rewarded with one point. Already early on it was clear that Tony Jansson was only simulating the work related injury he said he was suffering from to lull everyone into a false sense of confidence. Tony landed almost everything and the tricks he missed Johan Eldh took care of. They were team number one and they ended up in first place. Me (Patric) and Emil was team two that took second place. How that happened I don’t know as I was mostly useless only making invert, rock’n roll and a tail tap. Emil must’ve been skating better than everyone else. Team three was  Folkesson and Robban and they charged hard on every trick, especially Robban. Pelle did what he could but being alone made it hard so he ended up just behind Folkesson and Robban in third.

Next contest in the series will most likely be in the Fryshus vert in October and we hope to see a lot more people entering. Thank you Pelle for organizing the contest and thank you Emil for the mini ramp bash afterwards. Thanks Dalarna in short! Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy!

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