Aug 162014

One of the true legends of skateboarding has left us. Jay Adams passed away Thursday while on a surf trip to Mexico. Personally I never met him but he was one of the people that influenced me from day one and he was one of the first, if not the first, to do both airs and handplants. Both counts as my favorite skateboard moves. Head over to ESPN see what legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman says about Jay and see some of the iconic pictures he too of one of the most iconic skaters we’ve had.

Here is an excerpt from Friedman’s upcoming book My Rules where Adams has an essay:

“I always skate for the love of it, the feeling that is like nothing else. Doing the thing I did, that some people after the fact look back and say it was so progressive and pushed the limits, that’s cool but I wasn’t thinking doing that. I just acted spontaneously and did stuff, see what happens and hope not to get hurt. I wouldn’t think about it until afterwards, if at all. Style was a motivator at times, but honestly it just came naturally to me, and although it meant everything at times, who’s to say the kook with horrible style isn’t having more fun than you? Having fun is what really matters in the end, unless you’re just out to impress others.”

The photos in this post are all © Glen E. Friedman.

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