Mar 202014

What a weekend. A big thanks to the people who make this real ( J-mag and all the crew at bryggeriet skatepark, OB etc. )

Wallen Media did as always a great job and videos from the  finals you will find here

Here you have some random pictures from the qualification.  Just start to scroll..


DSC04266 DSC04263 DSC04262 DSC04260 DSC04257 DSC04253 DSC04251 DSC04247 DSC04243 DSC04242 DSC04239 DSC04237 DSC04236 DSC04235 DSC04233 DSC04232 DSC04231 DSC04227 DSC04226 DSC04225 DSC04219 DSC04218 DSC04217 DSC04216 DSC04213 DSC04210 DSC04208 DSC04207 DSC04205 DSC04204 DSC04203 DSC04200 DSC04199 DSC04197 DSC04196 DSC04195 DSC04193 DSC04190 DSC04186 DSC04183 DSC04180 DSC04178 DSC04176 DSC04173 DSC04172 DSC04171 DSC04170 DSC04168 DSC04167 DSC04166 DSC04164 DSC04163 DSC04162 DSC04160 DSC04158 DSC04156 DSC04155 DSC04151 DSC04148 DSC04147 DSC04145 DSC04144 DSC04142 DSC04139 DSC04138 DSC04136 DSC04135 DSC04134 DSC04133 DSC04132 DSC04131 DSC04128 DSC04127 DSC04121 DSC04119 DSC04116 DSC04112 DSC04111 DSC04110 DSC04107 DSC04106 DSC04103 DSC04102 DSC04099 DSC04094 DSC04087 DSC04086 DSC04080 DSC04053 DSC04052 DSC04049 DSC04046 DSC04043


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