Dec 022013

So, Reunion has come and gone and most people are back to their normal lives but the memory will linger in the back of our heads for a very long time. Who can forget Emil’s lien to flat bottom? Or Jens’ mad runs in vert and bowl? It was just plain awesome and we are sending a huge thank you to Matti, henrik, Svahn, Sten-Åke and everyone else who worked so hard to make this year’s reunion such a success. Thank you Halmstad!


Legends Bowl:

1. Hans Göthberg
2. Johan Berglind
3. Edas
4. Peter Gibson


1. Mathias Sernklo
2. Pontus Björn
3. Jussi Korhonen (FIN)
4. Andree Böhlin

Bowl Pro/AM

1. Oskar “Oski” Rozenberg Hallberg
2. Simon Karlsson
3. Danni Carlsen (DK)
4. Jens Andersson
5. Kalle Berglind

And here is the first part of the photos:

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  1. La leche d alpiste es un remedio muy bueno para poder bajar d peso y tambien para controlar el colestol a mi me funciono muy bien ahora mi esposo y yo lo tomamos y el sabor es agradable

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