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  1. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,My wife, Therese has walked out on me recently and I have been trying very hard in asking her to give me another chance in this marriage.Jesus my Lord, only YOU can unite us again for nothing is impossible to you and therefore, I beg for your blessings that I can be united with Therese and her son, Devan and that we can form a family.I promise that I will forever grateful to you and will try my best to live my life according to your tenAhiags.Yours,cnthony

  2. hola mi problema es el siguiente yo hace casi un año que tengo la linea cti pero hace 8 meses q me lo robaron y estoy pagando por la suspension de la misma eso quiere decir pagar por nada y ahora para darlo de baja m4e piden $500 es una barbaridad que puedo hacer?

  3. I’m a bit of a flirt too, so I know what you mean by that. I had to realize that just because I don’t take them seriously, doesn’t mean they don’t feel some kind of way about it, lol. But hey, we can be friends, lol…@ulla- without causing drama?

  4. My sons, Eric (15) and Kegan (14), love skateboarding and have bought their own boards in the past…nothing as sharp as Ty’s! I showed them Ty’s website and about the only word they could get out was “WHOA!” Awesome boards. They would flip out to win one Thanks for the chance.

  5. Que maravila de casa. ´Con esos techos altos y la decoración tan sencilla, lo único que se desea es sentarse mirando el jardín con un libro o la costura. Gracias por enseñarnos sitios tan hermosos.

  6. I live in California and was forced to evacuate my home because it is at risk of suffering from a mudslide. If mud does get into my home, does my basic homeowner’s insurance policy cover it?

  7. Pinterest for great ideas.  Abigail’s Rapunzel braid would be a hit for any little girl.  She has a complete step-by-step tutorial with amazing picture so we can follow along while creating the projects.  Thanks so much Abigail

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