Mar 182013

It is two days later and we still haven’t really managed to digest everything we saw at Vert Attack 7. The skating was so intense, so good and so much fun to watch. Everyone gave it their best and a little more. Who will ever forget Evan’s bag of tricks, Mats Hatlem’s flawless style, Lillesö’s high airs or anyone of the junior rippers? Or why not the masters with Jocke’s insane airs, Nicky’s fluid grace, Cab and Hosoi flowing over the ramp, Ffej’s inverts and do or die attitude, Dave Allen with channel egg and Sean Goff’s many foot plants and lip tricks to make up for not being able to use his shoulder. And the pros, wow… Giorgio made an everlasting impression on me even though he did not win. Renton doing what felt like mile high Madonnas, Jürgen doing anything but the expected, Sam Beckett being totally in control and Josh Stafford with the crazy alley oop andrecht over the channel. It is way too much to describe and I’m sure I will come to think of even more things as the days pass towards the next VA. Oh, one more, Jens Andersson showing the world what we’ve known for years. Gothenburg skaters should be kept in a cage and only let out for contests. That is how mental they are.

I for one am glad I did not have to judge it. Even though I may have differing opinions on some of the decisions that were made I think the judges did a great job 😉 Thanks J-Mag, Kami, Björn, Bryggeriet and everyone else that made this memorable contest the best vert contest ever, you rock all ways possible. And Neal, you could start working at ESPN any day, good job on the interviews man. And the audience was spectacular but I think they were a little spent after the masters.

Here is the first batch of photos but we have more to come as well as both Klas Hjertberg of Klas Boardshorts and Martin Willners have promised to share some of their best shots with us. Enjoy!

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