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  1. It’s about time sonemoe wrote about this.

  2. .So when a local 29-year-old father, described by police as a gangster…And probably by himself and all his friends on the juice Monday night. It’s worldwide da gangsta wannabe virus. Put another record on man. was shot dead by an officer, the response came quickly. Mark Duggan was killed Thursday. On Saturday night about 50 relatives and friends protested outside the Tottenham police station.Spark.

  3. My go to site for recipes is always Joy the Baker, she makes amazing food. I also love The Smitten Kitchen. Total food porn!Bookwise I love British Baking by Oliver Peyton. Such a beautiful book.I’m taking myself on a trip to Ottolenghi tomorrow.Sophie x

  4. old accounts that aren't being used anymore. if someone hasnt logged on for 2 years, their username should be deleted. this allows for other people to have that username. its so aggravating when the one you want is taken by someone who isn't even using youtube.

  5. That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky question

  6. Barak HAS GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS RACE RUT! He’s got to turn this around. One speech is not enough. Clinton is leading in the polls. He’s MAKING HUGE MISTAKES. He’s got to stay away from controversial morning shows. Those folks just want him to look horrible. God, please help this man.

  7. hey! ich habe eine Frage!!!jedes Mal wenn ich ein Bild auf Instagram hochlade ist es total verzerrt. Nicht nur wenn ich die Größe verstelle. sondern auch so. :$ ich bin ratlos was das Problem ist. Oder wie ich das Problem aus dem Weg schaffen soll. Kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen – oder hat jemand dasselbe Problem? :/ p.s ich habe Android -samsung galaxy ace

  8. My "vehemence" was directed at Milt, that's how I speak whenever that little hate merchant pops up on Tumeke.I've noted your relationship status is a Side salad to the main issue which is your predictions are wrong and feed into the right wing meme of a Labour meltdown which provides the bore of Babylon, David Farrar with ammunition.Claiming I'm sexist, angry and having a dig at Labour seems a tad dull and defensive.

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