Oct 112012

Time to get warmed up! In less than a month it’s time for the Dalecarlia Pro/Am! Vert & Bowl.
We are not sure but there might also be a party in there at some point…

Flyer below and facebook event here.

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  1. Yeah – The situation with our buses rllaey makes me sad. I have search strong childhood memories of riding the Number 1 Bus all the way down Park Ave and up Lake Ave to the beach… A friend or two could jump off in Midtown for a quick lunch… I rllaey wish I had that experience for my kids…

  2. I have spoken to many peploe in the village. I have asked the opinion of users of the Under 12 play area, mothers, fathers,grannies, aunties and private nursery employees. There is quite an overwhelming concern that part of this area is going to be taken away from this age group. Although the proposed site is not used as frequently as the equipped area, it is nevertheless used for ball games, picnics etc.etc. The point has also been made that should, in the future, should we be lucky enough to obtain more equipment for this age group, where would we put it. I have also been asked how the proposed area is going to be fenced off. I do not know the answer to that, so perhaps someone can tell me. Obviously the concern is that any toddler may inadvertently wander into the line of fire. Concern was expressed about language and behaviour within an area designated for toddlers and primary age group. I know that the Wheelers have indicated that the users of their facility will be better than most, in reality they will have no control over it whatsoever. Graffiti is also a concern, and for those who don’t think it exists, take a look at the inside of the shelter on the green. The growing amount of writings and art there are both non-artistic and offensive. Many more opinions were expressed, some relevant some not,so I won’t bore you with them. Being an interested party of the let’s get the youth project money used campaign , I am far from being a party pooper in relation to this project. However, I don’t think we can let the this is the best site for my child thoughts override the appropriate site for the community. The Wheelers make a very good point in their May Business Plan. Aboyne is in the enviable position of having its community facilities in the Academy . Strangely, it seems that the community campus has become hallowed ground ruled over by the Education Authority and not the community as was intended. Two perfectly good sites have been discounted mainly on their say so. They are the biggest culprits of the Not in my Back Yard syndrome, except that it is not their Back Yard. It seems strange to me that they will encourage and allow community football, netball, swimming, athletics etc. etc. and allow them to be played on campus. BUT DEFINITELY NOT SKATEBOARDING. If I were a skateboarder that would tell me something, and would be keen to find the answer.

  3. Who would believe the party of Ronald Reagan would get their butts kicked by a perceived socialist in the White House over giving working stiffs a couple of bucks a week back of their own money?I feel like some Rip Van Winkle or something.

  4. Hey there,My daughter,Katie Savannah, attended NC Governor’s School last summer and had a ball every minute of it . Being in a think tank with others who were so invested in learning from really great faculty made for time well spent . She actually met her beau there and they are still dating long distance.She now feels totally confident about starting college this fall after her “practice college”. It was also great practice for my heart .Enjoy your three week visit !Victoria Amos

  5. Heather – What a great trip! Welcome home. I know how it feels … it is so nice to be away, but so nice to be back home!!Ty took some great pictures too. June 26, 2007 – 10:10 pm

  6. A1Apropos of nothing in this thread, but if you are still reading, please send me an email to the address you can find by clicking on the "About Me" link on the front page.I have a proposition for you.

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