Sep 292012

Today was a historical day in the history of skateboarding in Stockholm (and Sweden, Europe and the world for that matter). Highvalley skatepark was officially opened after starting as a dream for some of the founders of Stockholm Sub Surfers 13 years ago. Ants Neo, Johan Sandström, Mikael Vallier, Fredrik Attebrant and many others in Sub Surfers must’ve been really proud today when the elected politician cut the rebar and declared the skatepark open. There was a huge crowd of people in the park and most of them actually skated although some just dropped by to see what the commotion was all about. Among the skaters it was a veritable who’s who in the Stockholm skateboard history. We had Marre, Trane, Sevensson, Macki, Mr White, Johnny, Janne and many other locals as well as Jocke Olsson, Pontus Björn, Oskar Gydell, Peps, Klas of 7tree fame, T-Mag and many more celebrities visiting from out of town. We also had the new kids ripping the park up from end to end. It was a great day in other words. Here are some photos from the carnage…

P.S. Thanks Sub Surfers :)

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