Aug 022012

Wow, do we have something really cool for you all. Our undercover dala correspondent, Hans “Puttis” Jacobsson, has toured a bunch of skateparks and during that time met up with lots of people he calls legends. If you can guess what parks, legends and nostalgic spots are hiding in the photos below you have a shot at winning some really nice prizes from Puttis himself!

1st prize: A genuine Puttis deck, a must for every serious collector out there

2nd prize: A Puttis mini prototype! I thought Puttis only came in one size, duh…

3rd prize: A Puttis t-shirt

The contest rules are as follows: Each photo describes what you should name. It can be a legend, a park or nostalgia or a combination of one or more of them. You get one point for each park and legend identified and two points for each nostalgia item identified. That makes for 50 points in total (Four nostalgia and 42 parks/legends).

If anyone will be able to identify everything and get 50 points they may win a special prize. The special prize is having Puttis come to your home for a wine testing and make dinner for you and three of your friends. You may have to sponsor his trip to you but it will be well worth it as he is a superb chef! Send your, hopefully, correct answers to: info (at) The contest will be running until Puttis has decided on some winners. Have fun!

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