Aug 132012

Photo: Eirik Aspaas,

The Norwegian vert champions for 2012 were decided this last weekend in Tjøme. According to the comp was blessed with both great skating and great weather. Huge congrats to our neighbours in the west for a great event and to the winners Espen and Mats for great skating!

1. Espen Røed
2. Adil Dyani
3. Jon Pedersen
4. Kyrre Rikksen
5. Audun Mehl
6. Karsten Kleppan
7. Jim Ramos
8. Benjamin Scharning
9. Tor Valen
10. Jarle Grimsland

1. Mats Hatlem
2. William Wallentin
3. Henry Calmeyer
4. Thomas Thorkildsen / Hermann Hansen

There were also a best trick and a highest air competition. Best trick was won by the ripping youngster Mats Hatlem with a 540 while the highest air comp winner was none other than veteran high flyer Adil Dyani. Well done guys!!! has a lot more stuff from the competition:




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