Aug 262012

One of the major competitions of the series was held yesterday. We are of course talking about the highly anticipated Dyngkärran Open 6. The weather was more than great and there were over 20 skaters that entered the contest. After the preliminary heats the battle stood between Björn Lindström and Eddie Lindqvist although Casper Plass, Janne Loftén, Primus Göthberg, Mats Trane, Chippen Andrén and many others were ripping every corner of the ramp. When the dust settled the judges panel decided that Björn Lindström was the winner of the day with Eddie the runner up. Björn got a pair of Klas shorts and Eddie a Se7ventree Ludde deck while the rest of us got great hamburgers courtesy of the host, Uffe Andersson.

Thanks Uffe for once again organizing such a splendid contest. we’ll all be back again next year. Here are some photos from the competition. Oh, hey, Peps was there too!

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