Jul 112012

Once again we have had a fantastic weekend together with the Betongcupen crew, including the mandatory pre,after and afterafter party! Amazing people and a lot of new friends! Thank you all!  Only a few pictures from the weekend but the official Betongcupen video will give you an idea of the great event. Embedded below.

You have already seen it on some other socialmedia site, but here are the results:

1. Mika Edin, Stockholm
2. Simon Karlsson, Stockholm
3. Anders Olsson, Umeå
4. Samuel Berglind, Umeå
5. Markus Kärnebro, Umeå
6. Gabriel Viking, Stockholm

Roofys Rippin Helmet Award: Carl Åström, Umeå

[nggallery id=45]

Betongcupen i Skellefteå! from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

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