May 182012

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  1. It’s a plasuere to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

  2. Ja również podzielam głos Siedleckich Kibiców. Odkąd nie ma dopingu przestałem chodzić na mecze Pogoni. Bez dopingu to nie jest to! Teraz starcza mi informacja w o meczu w internecie wróci doping wrócę i ja płacąc za bilet!Wiem że nie tylko ja tak uważam!

  3. believe in a book? books which were written 2k and 1.4k years ago….LIVE NOW! god would never want that you knee before him,he is not angry and raging like in the old testament…wake up guys

  4. That’s an apt answer to an interesting question

  5. Very informative. I feel like insurance should have an Rx Sunglasses Insurance. Not only do they block glare, but they prevent skin cancer of the eye lids, and reduce the progression of cataracts. I always bring up the benefits of polarize lenses over regular tinted lenses; It doesn’t hurt!

  6. Jonathan Kenji comentou em 31 de maio de 2011 às 00:51. Perguntei mais acima mas não responderam… Que pincel de delineador novo é esse que a Julia está usando? Sei que antes ela usava o da Make Up For Ever, mas ela disse que ele morreu (haha), e esse modelinho é bem parecido, qual é?

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