May 252012

1983 was the first year the Swedish Summer Camp was held in Hägernäs and the coaches were G&S team riders Billy Ruff and Neil Blender. Was it still Eurocana organizing it or had the task fallen on the Swedish Skateboard Association with Martin Willners, Jani Söderhäll, Corky and many others to keep the tradition alive?

The week Anders was there snapping his photos also had German vert ace Claus Grabke attending although we could not find any pics of him skating but there are some that actually may be of him. We also suspect that some photos depict Stefan Björklund (R.I.P. man, you were awesome). As always we need your help to name all those unknown riders in the gallery. Once again a huge thanks to Anders Svensson for letting us show you his photos. Enjoy!

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