May 112012

We are not sure but we think Nälsta was the first of the totally biased Locals Cup contests to be held back in 1982. Even though it was biased in favor of Puttis (got you old man :) ) Mikael Adolfsson managed to take the top spot followed by the ramp local Pekka Linnell. Puttis finished third followed by Tony Jansson, Stefan Nordenberg?, Ralf?, Johan? and Johnny Sandberg. The cup continued with contests in Helenelund (OSWJAS10), Falun (rained all weekend) and Borlänge.

UV #4 82 has the full results for the cup as well as the official thanks from the organizers: “The Locals would like to thank our sponsors Eurocana and Bilandia as well as Hazze and Puttis”. Hazze and Puttis were the only people allowed in the locals for those who did not know :)

Update: After checking the UV link above we can say for sure that the Nälsta event was the first of the Locals Cup contests.

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