Apr 302012

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There were so many cool people showing up at Fryshuset on April 28th for the Shred for Putte session and BBQ. It was an awesome vent and I think everyone attending was having a blast. Tony jansson, Puttis, Göthis, Folkesson, Janne, Dr Death, pekka, Jesper, Macki, Mika, Andree, Simon K, Jerry, Fredrik, Uffe, Dave, Anders K, Björn L, Chippen, Jean and many more were there to try to make some of the tricks on the list. Folkesson nailed a huge fs invert and insane tuck knee inverts while Casper and Puttis showed us how a fs rock is done. Tony J did about every invert there is along with loads of other tricks. It is hard to believe that most of those guys are almost 50. Here are some pics from the event. Enjoy!

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