Apr 132012

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Swedish Nationals (SM) 1984. What a weird contest this was. I was at the ramp all day so I did not see the other stuff going on such as freestyle or slalom. The ramp contest was what was weird. I was hanging with Hazze and Slappo the night before which involved way too many beers, hijacked bicycle boats, crashed wedding and waking up in a boat wreck, all at the Hägernäs site. The day after was of course painful but Slappo had a remedy for that after we placed last and second to last in the qualifiers; more beer.

As things went there was a second qualifying round after which Slappo was in the lead and I was in second (iirc). Amazing how things can change. Slappo suggested the beer was a good way to keep us in shape so we kept going which in hindsight was not only childish but pretty stupid as well. Nevertheless, Slappo managed to win the competition in a state which would’ve rendered him a jail sentence if he had tried to drive a car and I finished in fifth. I think Tony Jansson, Johnny Sandberg, Göthis and Puttis also made it to the semi final but I don’t know who took which spot apart from myself and Slappo.

Does anyone else have photos from the contest? Please feel free to share with us.

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