Apr 272012

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Helenelund, the home ramp of Kjelle Norin, Greger Hagelin and many others. This is the ramp I spent the whole summer of 1982 in and got to know not only the locals but also Jeppe Hylin, Jouni Lauronen and the others that used to hang out there. The photos Anders has shared with us were taken at the Locals Cup competition also in 1982. I don’t have a clue who won but as everything involving Locals tended to be partial to Puttis it is a safe bet to assume that he won :)

The Locals is a funny story in itself as it was a fanzine and some kind of club with only two members, Puttis and Hazze Lindgren. The reason for that, as told by Puttis in a Thrasher interview, was that no one else was as cool as they were. And they called me arrogant, bah :) This is part one of the coverage from the Helenelund contest in the Locals Cup series. Enjoy and once again, thanks Anders for sharing this with us!

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