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Since there has been a lot of buzz around 7Tree skateboards lately we decided to do an interview with the owner and founder Klas Herder Tingvall.


– So, who is is Klas?

– A dedicated boardrider born -73, passionated stubborn entrepreneur now running a skateboard factory.

– What’s your background within board “sports” and skateboard in particular?

 – My first skateboard I got from my second cousin in 1982, a fantastic fibreglass deck and I still have parts from it under my skin of my hands…In 1987 I won a local ollie competition with 73cm on a Lance Mountain deck. I have never really stopped skateboarding, it has since then always been a part of my life! I spent alot of time snowboarding between 91-97 , 10 months per year the last three. I have been travelling the world looking for the perfect surf over to building skimboards in Varberg on the Swedish westcoast. 
The first skateboard was  built in 97, got some help with wheels from Skateout and my first longboard was a fact! Now I could cruise down to the beach and surf…

– Ok you made your first board but when did you start to really think about manufacturing?
The first boards were very primitive, cut out from massive wood, then 10 years later in 2008 the first boards made from several layers of wood glued and pressed together. Still very primitive and without any machines. The next step was to build some moulds and this was a far better way of doing it. But after only a few months this was not good enough so the first real equipment was purchased and 7tree was born! Over time the tools and equipment has been modernized.

The CNC machine.
-Anyone else involved in 7tree?
The whole family, including the team! The team is an important part of Seventree and the development of products. Not least Gudmund “Gudde” Fjällgren who does all the graphics.

-The manufacturing is done in Borås, Sweden. Can you describe a little bit about the process? 

Everything is done by hand in our skateboardfactory. Construction is done in a traditional way with 7 layers of Canadian maple. Everything from shape to graphics is made inhouse. We have also made a couple of models with Everslick as the bottom layer.
Canadian Maple.
-Was the idea already from the beginning to manufacture in Sweden or just create a another Swedish brand?
Loacally manufactured gives full control over the process, high quality and flexibility. We can develop our products in close cooperation with the team and offer more and unique models and graphics. So yes the idea has always been to produce in Sweden.
Some of the previous stuff.
-Yes the team, you have been building a team of young talented skaters and suddenly J-Mag pops up, how did that happen?

 Through our team we got in contact and since then John and I have had a long creative cooperation in order to develop the perfect deck with the right shape and feeling. We had a lot of fun ending up with the first J-Mag Promodel.

J-Mag promodel
-Can you tell us something about who’s on the team and the future?

We are very proud of our team of carefully selected riders. Gudmund Fjällgren was our first teamrider, very experienced and a proffesional graphics designer responsible for the design of most of our models. Hugo Håkansson is our youngest talent with an impressive bag of tricks and a great potential. Ludvig (Hugos older brother) has a unique “retro” style which he applies to all terrain, from laybacks in pools to flatland freestyle!

William Hall is a streetskater with a lot of difficult tricks on his list. Simon Karlsson is truly allround with skills in everything from street to vert. John J-Mag Magnusson,  we are ofcourse very proud to have on the team, one of the most talented skaters of all times  in Sweden with tons of skills and style! He also means a lot for the Swedish skateboarding community.

Pontus Björn is our latest rider to join the team, one of the best vertskaters in Sweden but can with no problem score in a miniramp or bowl comp!

 Pontus & Simon @ Vertattck 6

When it comes to the future we have just released our 2012 spring collection and there will be some more exiting stuff coming….

2012 spring collection.

 Thanks Klas! and don’t forget to check out the new website 7tree.se

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