Feb 102012

If you ask a skateboarder that was around in the 80s who also went to the different competitions all over the country he will surely know who JAS is. JAS is Stuvsta’s pride and joy, Anders Svensson, who together with Janne Loftén used to have the Stuvsta vert known for among other things being the site of the first Swedish McTwist on Swedish ground. That was made by Perre Viking after just a couple of hours of practice if our sources are correct.

Anders was not only skateboarding, he was photographing mostly everything going on at the time and he has given us the honor to share some of the pictures he took back then. We will start with one of many contests held in the Stuvsta ramp with lots of know skaters such as Puttis, Nannesson, Göthis, Tony J; Martin Korpi, Ants, Pershing and Janne Loftén to mention the ones we managed to identify. As there are quite a few pictures from this contest we have split them into two parts where the second part will be published later on. Enjoy and a huge thank your to Anders for letting us use his pictures! You will find the first gallery here.

p.s. feel free to correct us if we have labeled any picture wrong

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