Jan 282012

The vert weekend of the year is over and all of us that were either there in person or watching the event live over the net knows the results already. For those who missed it here you go:

Final Pro

1 Ben Hatchell US
2 Andy Scott UK
3 Jussi Korhonen Fin
4 Jake Anderson UK
5 Brad Mcclain US
6 Mike Crum US

Final Master

1 Nicky Guerrero DK
2 Justin Lynch US
3 Paul Atkins UK
4 Sean Goff UK
5 Mike Vallely US
6 Jeff Hedges US

Final Junior

1 Yuto Horigome Jpn
2 Simon Karlsson Swe
3 Bjorn Lillesoe DK
4 Reiss Johnsson UK
5 Zak Kutz UK
6 Andreas Laurtsen DK

p.s. my first post here in almost a year but as most of the crew are mingling with the stars in Malmö I felt obliged to try once more :)




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  1. Yeah!

  2. Gattis Simon!

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