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Ok, here is the second part of the 2011 recap. First six months can be found here.


July was the month when the vert.nu Brew logo surfaced.

It was also the month of the Jönköping Bowlbash the fourth stop on the Betongcupen tour.


Ohh this was a busy month. Betongcupen in Halmstad, UltraBowl and SuperRamp in Malmö and then Dyngkärran!

Betongcupen in Halmstad.


Tricks for Cash in the SuperRamp during UltraBowlIII

 And Dyngkärran open! As always a success!


 Not that much activity except from the event that Stephen White and Chris ‘Noodles’ Lonergan
arranged at Nacka Skatepark. Unfortunately no pics?


On October 1st there were two happenings that really stood out! At Stockholm Skatepark it
was the premiere for the “Vet skate”. On Saturdays between 10-12 you need to be 30 and over to
be let into the park! A total success since day one! The other big happening was ofcourse the SSR-11
that took place in Borlänge this year.

Vet Skate!


And more SSR from OhSo Primitive!



In November Lifeblood Skateboards released their first ever full-length video. Watch it here.

Grant Taylor became the Thrasher Skater of the Year!


7Tree skateboards signs J-Mag! And Simon K gets his first model.


The concrete revolution have been going on for some time now, and also in 2011 there has been a
number of new concrete parks to visit. The last one we tried was the Gustavsberg park. Built by NORD.


Vertattack 6 practice has also been one of the main activities during December.




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