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We do not have any fancy plans about doing the complete 2011 recap, but atleast offer you the highlights.
As we see them…
This is part 1 that covers January to June. Part 2 will be released later this week.


In January we got to see what you can do with a GoPro Camera on a Stick. Klas showed us with his BoomShot movie.

We also published a bunch of session pictures, here are some of them.














In 2011 February was the month of VertAttack 5. Consequently we have another stickattack by Klas!


We also have some Sthlm session photos here.












In March the 2011 schedule for Betongcupen was revealed. It meant some busy times if you were
planning on participate on all stops!´













On March 5, the grand reopening of the NordPoolen pool was held in its new home in Bunkeberget after
beeing moved from Stockholm. The vert.nu affiliated rider Simon K took the third place in NordPoolen Open
wich was the opening event..



April seems to have been a bit thin….Or we had other stuff to do. Like work or so… Anyway here are some
pics from a session in Nacka skatepark.







Now things start to pile up again. DeathRace and DÖ’s 50th. What a fun weekend!
DeathRace clip from OhSoPrimitive.


Also some session pics were published. One set from sunny Venice CA.

 Another set of pics from a “legend session” held in Sthlm Skatepark vertramp.

And at the same time as the BetongCupen premiere at Sibbarp skatepark in Malmö a new website
was launched. SkateMalmö a site covering everything about skateboarding in the Malmö region.



Morning concrete sessions were on every Saturday morning in various skateparks around
Stockholm, but the main park must have been Rawlis (Rålambshovsparken).
It could easily be 20+ full grown men early in the mornings. Some pics here.


Rune Glifberg celebrating his first 25 years of skateboarding, grandopening of the new concrete park
in Copenhagen and in the same week CPH Pro! Some pics here.

 We end the fírst half of 2011 with the cover of Giftorm no3 2011. With Johnny Sandberg high up in the
fullpipe at Lake Cunningham skatepark. DÖ behind the camera!







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