Sep 272011

On October 1st the veterans of the Swedish skateboard scene will converge on Borlänge KFUM, Dalarna, Sweden, for a walk down memory lane. On the agenda for the day are a multitude of contests such as most 360s, Daffy and the trick list from Coca Cola Cup 1980. Borlänge was the first host of SSR back in 2004 (pictures from that event here). More information can be found on the event page on Facebook.

Age limit 30+

Friday 30th September, 17.00-19.00, Avesta Skatepark, Bank slalom
Saturday 1st October, 12.00-17.00, KFUM Borlänge, 70s oldman contest
13.00, 360 and Freestyle demo, Tricklist from Cola Cup 1980.
14.00, Jumpramp
15.00, Bowl, highest speed and Bank slalom in case of rain Friday
16.00, Vert trick list, Dalecarlia against the World, 15 skaters in each team
17.00, End at KFUM, Dödshoppet at the steet area

Reunion party, 19.00-01.00, Kopparhatten Falun, DJ M-Rock, Lasse Mix etc. Partytickets 200 Skr inkl. buffé, Entrétickets 60 Skr
Sunday 2nd, recovery morning, free skate adventure at KFUM

Welcome to enjoy life with the Dalecarlian Skate Legends!

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