Aug 292011

Well then… it’s just about 1 week since the BetongCupen 2011 and the final event Ultra Bowl III has finished. The whole of BetongCupen was yet another success and the Ultra Bowl III was fun to see using the whole of the park again… all in all super successful, congratulations John Magnusson on creating yet another well organised and world wide recognised event :)


BetongCupen’s total winner was Mika Edin (congratulations)



1. Kevin Kowalski

2. Brad McClain

3. Ben Hatchell

4. Cody Lockwood

5. Steven Reeves

6. Andy Macdonald



1. Nicky Guerrero

2. Sean Goff

3. Paul Atkins

4. Lester Kasai

5. Sasha Steinhorst

6. Dave Toms

…and we all at VERT.NU hope that Jason Parkes makes a full and speedy recovery

More detailed results you’ll find at SkateMalmö.nu (masters results are very interesting Jesper 😉

And here are a few pics from VERT.NU of the ULTRA BOWL III event…

UltraBowl III pics, Odds n SodsSk8 and Odds n Sods

VERT.NU will be starting a new section called VERT.NU BREW which will combine some film from UltraBowl and some selected sk8 pics (in higher resolution). So check out VERT.NU again soon :-)

Tips on where we can link some pics and video from the MEGA MINI are welcome…

Here’s one… Super ramp contest


  3 Responses to “Ultra Bowl III – Pictures & Results”

  1. Dave I just learned that the last 10 positions where not ranked only randomly posted. I have found some old score sheets in the dustbin behind the ref cabin and my scores are higher then yours.


  2. What’s going on with Eddie? Did he make that?

  3. Yeah right Jesper

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