Jul 202011

UPDATE… this Saturday it’s the 4th part of BetongCupens comps, Jönköping BowlBash. Both the amateur and Masters will be competing at the same time. Anyone travelling up to the event from Malmö can get a lift in the StreetLab bus. See details on the flyer below.

Vert.nu is proud to be a part of the very first masters division in the Betongcupen history! At the next stop on the tour, 23rd of July in Jönköping there will be a +40 class in the bowlbash! Total prizemoney for the day is 15000 sek! More info will be available closer to the competition.

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  1. Hi Gav,hope you and the rest of the lads are ok and in good spirits,we all miss you and we are keeping updated on your progress everyday,keep going and take care xxx

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