May 262011

Thanks everyone for making Death Race 2011 and 50th sk8 Feast such a success and great day (couldn’t have asked for more). People came from far and wide… Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium and even Trelleborg. Well any way… Death Race started at about 8.45 and what a good turn out it was… out of a starting field of 63 only one didn’t make it all the way around (probably because he was still in bed 😉 Must say that Death Race is a bloody good sk8 event and I think that it’ll be in the books again for next year… however Death Race could be taken over and dominated by the Real Death Race (that went on at Rålis a little later the same day… Congratulations Simon Karlsson for being the one that made it).

Many thanks to all that took part, helped out and the sponsors (NORD, BURN & TT).

Here are the times of everyone that took part…

Janne Loftén aka King of Snake aka Damn you dö  25.28  24.28
Dave Östlund aka I get 3 runs as I’m about to dö 24.91  24.66  23.60
Martin aka I’m tired because I’ve just become a dad otherwise I would have won  29.06  24.19
David  31.61  28.50
Thomas  23.47  23.10
Bob aka Death Wish Wall Rider (not too succesfully)  28.91  DNF
Cdtz  29.47  27.03
Stefan I aka I’ve got a girly yellow car  35.10  31.44
Harry aka The speedy Mexican wrestler that once was a shy, quiet, Finnish guy  26.59  26.82
Törna aka wasn’t I supposed to be sky diving today? 34.89  35.75
Sam aka just wait until next year  24.13  24.62
Macki aka Eagle Eye Flag boy  34.97  34.16
Tom aka Tim Tom Tam Cam Man  24.41  26.44
Tor aka Who the hell are you and who asked you to come? (so that I didn’t get 5th place 😉 24.28  23.47
Ola  26.53  25.97
Henrik  30.12  29.50
Arvid aka 20 KRONERS  23.83  23.72 (20 skr doesn’t get that far with bribing the time keeper)
Björn aka Sell me a board that doesn’t break after 1 week next time dö  23.63  24.00
Henke aka F##k I was going to win this time 25.93  29.03
Simon aka I’ll take revenge at the end of the day and win 500 skr MF  22.03  21.63
Mange aka I’m going win Death Race 2011 (next year)  27.22  26.94
Stefan aka The Conductor aka Captain Haddock aka had a very happy day  24.28  23.85
Per Lindberg aka Nice dude  27.13  25.38
Rolle aka I did it for you dö  29.47  31.13
Eskil aka Stämning aka STÄMNING  28.82  29.53
Per aka I’ve got to practice my slides by the side of the sk8 park  27.88  25.19
Kris  38.13  32.22
Björn G  35.10  30.37
Henke aka Henke DJ  30.89  DNF
Jens aka Next year I’m going to use my skills and frazzel you with electricity dö 28.00  28.37
Tomas  33.38  33.56
Yann  36.78  32.38
Johnny aka Bagaren aka my shoulder hurts so that’s why I didn’t win  25.35  25.22
Peter aka Gibson Guitars  27.06  25.56
Markus  28.35  28.60
Micke V  29.75  30.56
Warpare  29.47  31.78
Robban aka I shouldn’t have just worked on front side grind for the last 6 months  30.19  DNF
Antti aka I like beer  25.31  DNF (backside air interrupted his run)
Janne aka I like my hoodie  28.78  26.97
Steven M aka this isn’t my sk8 board  41.31  31.22
Jani aka I didn’t beat a 50 year old  26.69  25.65
Kiwi  DNF  26.97
Tom  29.15  26.94
Henke  31.72  DNF
Lars  28.94  26.59
Eddie aka Rock Steady Eddie Shreddie Ripkvist  21.38  25.22 (switch)
Ludde  27.29  26.48
Jesper aka King of Hangover  30.47
Dave Toms aka Ripping 29.00
Robin Roos aka Warm up… why?  22.66
Casper Plass aka I hate dö right now  DNGOOB  DNGOOB


1st Eddie  21.38
2nd Simon  21.63
3rd Robin  22.66
4th Thomas  23.10
5th Tor  23.57
6th David dö  23.60
7th Björn  23.63
8th Arvid  23.72

Sorry about miss spelling and wrong names but some of them I couldn’t read. Any problems about incorrect times then please get in touch with Stockholm Stad Equal Opportunity and Fairness department (or just go F##k yourself 😉

I’ll be putting some pictures up in this post and links to where pictures and video’s when they appear. Here are a few to start off with…

Some pictures that my buddy Rasmus Enström took – David’s 50th
OhSoPrimitiveDeath Race 2011
SthlmSubSurferfilm 1 and film 2
Tacky‘s article – Death Race 2011 – David Östlunds 50 årsdag

Whole bunch of pictures are up on FaceBook as well… hopefully be able to do a mega album of some of those soon…

Hope that Yann Caffa Kaphus isn’t too upset that I pinched a frame prom his video as an intro picture?

P.S. all those that came after 6th place… how does it feel being beaten by a 50 year old? 😉

Oh and thanks everyone for making Saturday 21st May 2011 such a great day :-)

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  1. Dave, thank you for an amzing skate fest. Be beaten by a 50 year old ripper I can take, but not by Mattisson. He couldn´t have 31 sec his second run. He bailed just before the start line.
    I am going to kick him next year. For sure.

  2. Tack för ett fantastiskt och kul death race skate fest och din 50 dag,Dave.
    Hoppas din dag blev lyckad.,perfekt väder.
    Hoppas det blir death race även nästa år,ser fram emot.
    Siktar på att komma bland de 5 bästa,ska ta er,var säker 😉

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  5. I love them all, but I think I'm going to stay on the sidelines with this trend. I figure it will probably go out sooner rather than later (only to come back again someday down the road) and I think I am going to reserve my boot money for regular boots. Who knows, maybe I'll take a chance on a less pricey pair?

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