Mar 212011

Is it time to start your vacation planning? Don’t worry, Betongcupen 2011 have the complete schedule laid out for you!

1. Start your vacation with a bit of DIY park skating on the 14th of May at Sibbarp skatepark in Malmö.

2. Continue up north to the new park Sparken in Umeå for at bit of street competetion on the 4th of June.

3. Next stop will be the Falkenberg concrete for some park skating and most likely a bowljam!
This will take place on the 18th of June.

4. On the 23rd of July the brand new park in Jönköping will host the 4th stop on the Betongcupen tour
with a bowlbash.

5. On the 6th of August another brand new park will host the event. Halmstad (home of the minimega) will host a streetcomp and
a bowljam!

6. On the 19th – 21st of August the final stop will once again take place at Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö.
This time the Ultrabowl III is a competition in the worldcup series of skateboarding and will feature the whole
park this year. If there are two events to attend 2011, this is one! (vertattack5 was the other)

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  3 Responses to “Time to plan your summer vacation!”

  1. If you just can’t get enough, come to Hamburg on june 11th to celebrate my birthday at Florabowl. I’ll try to have a great barbeque’n’beer skate session with some HOAX rippers.

  2. Hope it doesn’t rain again Lux! And Malmö for the Ultra Bowl in the whole park? Sounds damn good to me!

  3. After reading, already in mood to go off on vacation. Well lets see need to plan as per kid . Thanks for the share.

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