Mar 262011

The old men in Borlänge will have an open session with competitions on April 2nd (next Saturday for those who does not understand months etc). Details are still very sketchy as Puttis was all but coherent when calling in the tip. From what we can understand the event will start at 17:00 and last until 20:00 with exciting activities such as “One-minute-GT-coyote-vert-run-the-most-tricks-win” and Banked Slalom in the pool. If that does not excite you I’m positive the chance to grow your autograph collection will. Celebrities such as Pelle, Folkvagnsson, Puttis, Slappo, Evert and many others will be there to entertain you. The real SSR 2011 will take place in the fall.

Contact Jocke at KFUM-Hallen for more information (no, we have no clue how to get hold of him) or read the special issue of the Locals coming out at the same time. does not take any responsibility for anything bad happening to people deciding to attend. Don’t shoot the messenger so to speak…

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