Feb 262011

What is your absolute favorite among tricks? We all have so many tricks we like but who does them best? Now you can help us find out which skater does the coolest variant of a trick and also what photographer took the best clip. Join us on Facebook and suggest a photo that depicts the trick we are asking for at the moment. The final results will be shown as a gallery here on Vert.nu (if the copyright holder of the image allows that is). The first trick we’d like to see contributions of is Backside Air!

http://www.facebook.com/vertdotnu and http://www.facebook.com/vert.nu. Here are some cool pics that were not taken by our camera god Dave (to show that there are others who knows this stuff too)

Anders "Lillen" Linder - Rocket Air

Hans "Bauta" Göthberg - FSA

Hans "Puttis" Jacobsson - fs rock

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  1. Like it!!!!

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