Jan 072011

Good skate today at Stockholm Skatepark… Johnny Sandberg was on fire and ripped the shit out of everything… had a lot of fun and took some pics :-)

Old guys are quite busy on

Thursday’s… Björn Gevert put a film up from today… nice :-)

Back smith Martin… what’s your surname?

  9 Responses to “Rock n’ Roll Thursday @ Stockholm Skatepark”

  1. Filmed a little today:

  2. Great pics BTW, Dave!

  3. Underbar bild på Johnny!! ! !

  4. King Johnny… please

  5. …and thank you Björn

  6. I´m ain´t voting this year.
    Your pics rocks, DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Grymma bilder! Gör Johnny v-tecknet mitt i luften!? Stiiiiiil! Och Mr backSmith heter väl Söderberg eller?

  8. Dave! The pix Rocks as usual!!!
    Btw. The Sky Chief was a blessing to skate!

  9. SKATEBOARD YEEHAA, kanon bilder som vanligt dave. nex-5 är beställd :-)

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