Dec 162010

…The New VERT.NU/NORD board has at long last arrived from the USA. Super duper high quality board with cool graphics and many different coloured top surfaces… I’m almost creaming my pants 😉

Dimensions, 32.25″ x 9″, wheel base 14.75″ & 15.25″

More info on where, price and when you can get hold of this ”creamer” board, up soon… nudge nudge… wink wink… 😉

Get it right now at the NORD shop on Hökens Gata 4 (where 1 is on

Soon to come to well stocked skate shops through out Sweden

  17 Responses to “THE Christmas present of 2010…”

  1. It is so beautiful and awesome at the same time…

  2. Stilig!

  3. That shape is just badass !! Think I would love to ride it !! 9 inches is perfect – fliptricks is just a fase !!

  4. It looks kind of gay, but I would like one on my wall. :-)

  5. TailblockTail!

  6. Sky Chief will be mine mine mine…

  7. Den finns i NORD-Butiken på Hökens Gata 4 /Sthlm

  8. really good lookin! thumbs up!

  9. Now I have one :) Tanx Dave.

  10. Texaco spons?
    9″ – something to grow into :)

  11. Why is it engelska som gäller in the kommentarsfält on this site?

  12. Olov: swedish sk8ers goes international?? :)

  13. any språk you want olof swinglish are bra

  14. Sounds greek to me!

  15. @Olov: We do it out of courtesy to our international readers :)

  16. i like it too…it seems cool. U.

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