Dec 072010

It is time to decide who is the Swedish Vert Skater of the Year for 2010. There will be a poll for all our visitors to make their vote count but before we open it we would like to present the nominees. The nominees are, in no particular order… drum roll… it is in alphabetical order… more drum roll…

Dave Toms

John “J-mag” Magnusson

Macki “Vertboy” Chounouzidis

Mathias Svensson (Mr Swedish Vert Skater of the Year 2009)

Oskar Gydell

Pontus Björn

Robin Sandgren

All the nominees have been carefully selected by a jury consisting of skateboarders with a combined experience of more than five, eh, ten… no close to 200 years of combined skateboarding experience. The poll will be up shortly which means you have plenty of time to think about who to vote for. The winner will be revealed at Vertattack 5 in Malmö on February 5, 2011.

  10 Responses to “Swedish Vert Skater of the Year 2010”

  1. Lite videosnuttar av grabbarna? :)

  2. Blir tufft i år.

  3. we vote Stephen White. and Janne Come-back. and for ourselves.

  4. PONTUS BJÖRN!!!!!!!!!

  5. Patrik Bergholtz?

  6. That vertboy sucks!!!!!!!!!

  7. No really, my mind goes to Pontus but my heart says Mr Toms.

  8. Gydell! No question about it.

  9. dit :Le shampoing Melvita, il est bien pour mes garçons qui se lavent les cheveux tous les jours et qui les ont (relativement) courts, mais pour Mamzelle, aïe, non, ça les emmêle trop, et elle a la flemme de mettre de l&#nm17;après-sha2poi8g (déjà que le rinçage du shampoing en lui-même dure des plombes !)

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