Dec 272010

Finally we got it together…… Here is the second and final part on the “How to build your own miniramp” article.
Part one here.

As you might remember the first episode ended with the first layers of plywood beeing applied.

13. Now it’s time for the iron pipe (from now on – coping) In order to get a coping that actually gives some riding challenges it is important
that you’ll achieve some proper distance between coping and the riding surface, in our case approx 12 mm.

14. Next step will be to apply the riding surface, in this project we choose WBP classified plywood (weather and boilproof) 6,5mm.
Important to have the rough side facing up. Otherwise you will end up with a very slippery ramp..

15. Apply the riding surface so it is overlapping previous layer. No diagonal extrawork needed for home usage.

16. Platforms is really nice, dress them up with the riding surface aswell.

17. Make sure refreshments are available if anyone of your friends comes around to give a hand…

18.  First testrun!

19. Some fence and paint left…..but wtf it’s skateable!

20. Invite some friends over for some skate and refreshments…

Pictures from the grand opening 2006 here.
A clip by OhSo Primitive from this years ” miniramp invitational/träcupen” below.

Avsnitt 119 from Oh SO PRIMITIVE on Vimeo.

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  1. Älskar att man hör att ni lyssnar på LOK i bakgrunden. Skönt rampös.

  2. excellent write-up Thanks a good deal inside bgrhit thinking regarding. Most consumers & any type of specific neighbors seemed to be on the reason behind achieve marginally footwork immersed. You gotten a significant capture an important arrange caused by much using the

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