Nov 222010

Dream come true… Vert Attack Hotel, want a place to stay during Vert Attack 5?

Bryggeriet school, nice locations. 100 meters from the ramp. During the evenings of Friday 4th and Saturday 5th February 2011.

Price: 100 kr/night (including breakfast)

Bring sleeping bag + mattress + pillow. Toilets and shower available

Contact: johnm(at)

…only one negative aspect with the whole thing is that the poster looks a bit gay 😉

  7 Responses to “Vert Attack Hotel (can it get any better?)”

  1. Nå vad tycker ni ska vi avboka IBIS ?

  2. Can we drink beer at Bryggeriet Hotel? That’s the question…

  3. Can we sauna at Bryggeriet Hotel?

    Jag tyck vi stanna på IBIS.

    IBIS rules!

  4. Liggunderlag o medhavd kudde…? As tempting as its sounds, IBIS bräcker nog det…

  5. Bar och Bastu > Liggunderlag

    Men grymt bra initiativ :)

  6. IBIS får min röst! Har alla som är bokade på tåget bokat hotellrum också?

  7. @ olof tror att vi har 18 hotell platser och lika många tåg biljetter, men macki har bättre koll

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