Nov 302010

A couple of years ago we published a small guide on how to build your own backyard mini-ramp.
Since everything is made of concrete these days, we thought it would  be a good idea to share this
valuable information once more. This time translated.

Happy reading!

Here’s a little “how to” on how to get your own skatepark .. Well almost anyway. Check out the pictures below, you can not fail.
Drawings we can not send, because we do not have any …
This is the first part, thrilling sequel next week.

1.Make sure you have permission (wife,mother,or government..) to start of the project otherwise there could be problems.
2.Find out a good spot where you can start building. Trees or small animals are usually not a problem. This can be moved.

3.Get a hefty pile of 2×4’s, some decent iron pipe, plywood and tools

4. Throw out a few bars on the ground so everyone can see how small it will be.

5.A good thing is to deceive your children and their friends that you are actually building them a ramp, then you are guaranteed some extra hands.

6. Make sure refreshments are available if anyone of your buddies would come by and give you a hand.

7.Build a solid foundation

8.Pick out a good radius, eg your own height minus 28 cm (if you are two meters thus ..)

9.Cut all the 2×4’s on your new crosscut saw that you suddenly had to buy.

10. Nail the sections and put them in place on the foundation.

11. Put 2×4’s between the transition sections in order to form the flat bottom.
12. Time for the first layers of plywood, here we have used two layers of  9mm construction plywood.

This was it for now, final part including test ride in a couple of days.

  5 Responses to “How to build a miniramp part 1- rerun!”

  1. 1) How high is it?
    2) How long is the flat?

  2. 1. 110cm + coping 6cm
    2. 290cm

  3. hur långt är ett snöre?

  4. Fan Henke, detta borde ju du veta…. Längden av en kabel är en kabellängd. Snöret är exakt x gånger så långt. (x är en stokastisk variabel.) Alternativt är ett snöre dubbelt så långt som halva snöret.

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