Oct 192010

Bob Joosten came to visit Stockholm and here are a few pics from the Sunday Vert Session at Stockholm Skatepark with Bob (of course), Casper, Macki, Putte and Neil 😉

• Check the pics out here

Or here below

  15 Responses to “STHLM SK8PARK”

  1. As Macki said: Not an ordinary Sunday…

  2. Looks awesome:)

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  4. Wow really cool pictures! Can I use some for on my site? Offcourse with referer tot Vert.nu!

  5. Hi Alex, sure you can use some of the pics, just let us know when and where you put them on your site.
    all the best
    Dave & vert.nu

  6. Pics are awesome, Dave. It was nice to skate with Casper and Bob again.

  7. Thanks Macki… good to see you skating again with Bob and Casper :-)

  8. Thx for the pics Dave :) they´r rad.

  9. Thank you Casper :-)

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