Sep 162010

Our friends in Malmö recently announced Vert Attack 5 which will bring some new twists (not the kind that Sean and Tony can make). First of all it will be held in February instead of January and it will have a Masters division for the first time. Yes, you read it right, us old guys will not be able to beat the likes of the UK Sams, Andy Scott, Oskar and so on. We will have to make do with Anders, Nicky, Sean etc. What a contest it will be :) And besides the awesome contest will once again appoint a worthy winner of the coveted Swedish Vert Skater of the Year Award.

For now you can register for the event via Facebook and enjoy the clips and photos from last year’s event:

Mix of general pics, VERT ATTACK IV warm up pics, VERT ATTACK IV competition pics

Vert Attack IV Finals from from vert nu on Vimeo.

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  1. Hm whats the Rules to compete in Masters Division? The Agelimit is one for sure I think, Is 35 years to young? Do I have to be a Legend? :) Or do you still have a Girlsdivision? I’m really too bad to compete against the Pro’s, at the Am division I think I will go down in all this hardcore snakingbusiness. But I’ don’t think that I’m “Master enough” to get the Honor to compete in the Masters division. If you still have a Girls Division, it would be cool, but otherways on which Div. should I make the reg. then? :)
    I’m sooooo excited to be there one more time.

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