Sep 052010

– Old school skateboard exhibition • Photo and picture shows, films.
– Eskil Österling as speaker • Open Mic with drums, amplifier etc (for spontanious jams).
– Rippers and legends of all sizes and age will be there.
– Surprises guaranteed • Unusual mini competitions.
– Skateboarding at it’s very best, covering 4 decades.

Swedish Skateboard Reunion is literally just around the corner, (well, less than three weeks off in any case). Which means it’s flyer time and here it is in all its glory.

We would really like to thank all the companies like 08, Borka, CoyoteNord, Rockstar, Servant and WESC, for helping us out with great prizes for the competitions that will be held all through the reunion. And to Snaps for letting us have a place to keep the after party at.

Get your Rector Protectors washed, polish your Protec, mount the copers and re-grip your fave 10″ deck because it might win you something nice. While you’re at it, you should also get all those 80’s tricks in order as those will be in huge demand. See you all on the 25th of September!

More information about SSR will be up soon.

100912: Register at or on Facebook. Here is the current attendance list.

100913: The party will be at Snaps, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm starting 18:00 and going on until 00:00 when it is free for everyone to continue at the same place or move on somewhere else.

100913: preliminary list of participants, missing anyone? Please let them know about this event!

20100922: Hålltider
Hallen öppnar, invigning av den nyrenoverade poolen
Pool Jam Grind-o-rama
Miniramp Death Jam Snake Session From Hell
Vert Upside Down Fly Around Session
Landskamp – Sthlm vs. The rest of the World

Magnus Smonge Olsson
Claes Mellqvist
Uffe Meijer
Adolfsson, Mikael
Joseph Dérant
Per Edström aka edas aka dr Död Roskilde
Johan Berglin
Fredrik ”Benhög” Nilsson
Alenius, Tim
Ander, Martin
Andersson, Andreas
Andersson, Bisto
Andersson, Olle
Andersson, Uffe
Andrén, Anders
Angelbratt, Matz
Aspheim, Jon
Attebrant, Fredrik
Backlund, Patric
Bergholtz, Patrik
Bilucaglia, Zeno
Björn, Pontus
Bobert, Magnus
Bonde, Jan
Carlén, Johan
Carlsson, Måns
Carlsson, Peter
Chettle, Daniel
Dahlström, Trotte
Dan “Poolrat” Åkerström
Ekengren, Robin
Eriksson, Micke
Eriksson, Sixten
Ernstson, Emil
Evans, Mark
Evertsson, Pelle
Falk, Rolle
Folkesson, Niclas
Fredin, Jens
Fredrik Burvall
Fuchs, Mario
Garpeman, Ove
Gevert, Björn
Gibson, Peter
Graffner, Johan
Granwald, Thomas
Grubar, Nikola
Gustafsson, Peter
Gydell, Oskar
Gyllenberg, Magnus
Göthberg, Hans
Handell, Björn
Hansson, Ulf
Herlihy, Sean
Hjertberg, Klas
Hylin, Jesper
Jacobsson, Hans Puttis
Jakobsson, Jan
Jan Harrysson
Jansson, Tony
Johansson, Patrik
Johansson, Peter
Johansson, Stefan
Jonsson, Henrik
Jonsson, Stefan
Jönsson, Andreas
Karlsson, Anders
Karlsson, Lars
Klang, Peter
Kolak, Philip
Kopare, Jerry
Krigsman, Niclas
Kvarnström, Kristian
Larsson, Johan
Lauronen, Jouni
Linder, Anders
Lindgren, Marcus
Lindholm, Hans
Lindström, Björn
Linnell, Peter
Loftén, Jan
Lord, Fredrik
Lord, Jocke
Lundberg, Joakim
Löfgren, Mika
Magnusson, John
Mattisson, Steven
Mattsson klicketiklackson, Johan
Muñoz yañez, Sandra
Möllberg, Niklas
Nilsson, Per
Nordqvist, Kennet
Nu, Vert
Näsman, Pierre
Olsevik, Magnus
Olsson, Jocke
Oscarsson, Mats
Persson, Magnus
Persson, Niklas
Plass, Casper
Rauff, Ole
Rengfors, Markus
Richardsson, Olov
Rimpi, Kung
Rouland, Bruno
S, Xtina Dania
Sandberg, Johnny
Sandgren, Robin
Sandström, Johan
Schroeder, Benjamin
Skeppholm, Martin
Spreitz, Micke
Stare, Stefan
Svensson, Mathias
Tellen, Anders
Trane, Mats
Törnestam, Peter
Valier, Micke
Wallentin, Bjorn
Vertboy, Macki
Wiberg, Lars
Wiberg, Mattias
Willners, Martin
Åkerlund, Tomas
Åkerström, David
Örbom, Gunnar
Östberg, Camilo
Östergren, Johanna
Östlund, David
Ösund, Mathias


More ppl are coming
Uffe Meijer
Claes Mellqvist
Smonge Olsson

  13 Responses to “SSR (Swedish Skateboard Reunion) 25th September”

  1. Would be fun! hope I can come and watch you guys skate!

  2. The flyer is awsome.

  3. More than awesome, it is awesomness incarnated :)

  4. Anmälan? Här å nu !!??

  5. Ska bli kul att träffa Mr Backlund på reunion.

  6. är det nån åldergräns?

  7. Ska bli kul att träffa Mr Vertboy på reunion

  8. Will mr Adolfsson be skating at the event? Looking forward to that, if so…

  9. Yep, he has said so at least

  10. Due to unforseen circumstances the Swedish Premiere of We Are Skateboarders has been postponed so we will have a Teletubbies marathon instead :)

  11. So it’s gonna be a rave party?

  12. […] pool jam Jump to Comments This weekend it was Swedish Skateboard Reunion. Pool and vert skaters riding together, nice athmosphere and everyone was happy! The photos is from […]

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