Sep 242010

The first people has already arrived. Benhög, Andreas, Magnus, Mathias, Jocke,Johan and a bunch of other guys passed by Frysen tonight to test the facilities although some (no names) prefered to move on for the beer in the back pack. Never mind that. See you all tomorrow for the reunion.

12:00 Hallen öppnar, invigning av den nyrenoverade poolen
13:00 Pool Jam Grind-o-rama
14:00 Miniramp Death Jam Snake Session From Hell
15:00 Vert Upside Down Fly Around Session

TBD Landskamp – Sthlm vs. The rest of the World

All though the day people can try to set a new Swedish record in 3 wheels out in the mega, nah, mini ramp of death (right next to the blue hawaii pool of ripness).

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