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Well then, who wants to know a bit about ULTRABOWL II? put some question to John Magnusson about the Betongcupen and UltraBowl II

Question 1/. Who came up with the idea of Ultra Bowl?
Answer 1/. Bryggeriet together with Malmö Stad. We have a tight group that works really good together. We wanted to create something good and unique but we had smaller budget than the Bowl Riders event. We know we couldn’t do as good as Bowl Riders if we used the whole park so we decided to go for the pool and make it tighter and easier to organize.

Q2/. Last years Ultra Bowl was a great success I believe, did this surprise you?
A2/. We knew it was going to be good, but it turned out to be super amazing. We tried to make it more interesting to watch with the big screen, movies, music, the speaker etc… skateboard have a lot to work on to be interesting for the non skater audience.

Q3/. What was your favourite moment of Ultra Bowl 2009?
A3/. Txus Dominguez winning the masters. He is a favourite skater with amazing lines and he’s been doing it for so long. He deserved this title! He won with passion for pool skating!

Q4/. Looking at the line up of both the PRO and MASTERS starters it looks like it’s going to be even bigger than last year, will there be more stuff going on than last year and will you be building even bigger stands for the public?
A4/. Everything will be bigger and better. More riders, better organized, better live web, better entertaining with the big screen. Big girl street comp. Junkyard tricks for cash handrail, Goldfinger cup fingerboard, jump ramp session at central station on friday. Freestyle demo with legend Kevin Harris….. and its all together with the Malmö festival. A lot of bands playing only 5 minutes away. Looking good!

Q5/. Who’s your favourite rider in the Masters and Pro and who are you most looking forward to see sk8’ing in Malmö?
A5/. PRO – The line up looks insane good. Best line up for a pool contest in Europe ever. To many good to just name one skater but I think people will be stoked on Josh Mattson. MASTERS – Txus is always good to watch, but hes been injured. He works hard to get in shape for Ultra Bowl. Cool to get Duane Peters to Malmö. Nicky Guerrero was sick last year and still got second. He will be hot this year!

Q6/. Ultra Bowl is ”connected” to the Betongcupen event that’s been going on this year, how is it connected? How will it work with points etc?… I’d really like to see Duane Peters win the Betongcupen, but that will be a bit difficult as he didn’t turn up at the other events 😉 or can he still win?
A6/. Ultra Bowl is just one of six contests we do this year. Its a part of Betongcupen but is not more important than the other contests in the cup. Ultra Bowl is an invitational bowl contest with more money, that’s the only difference. To win Betongcupen you have to enter at least 4 contest and do good. Fernando Bramsmark killed everyone this year. See how he does against the pros. Betongcupen is already planning for 2011. New stops, new parks… its looking really interresting!

Q7/. It takes a lot of arranging and time to stage this kind of event, has the Ultra Bowl been easier to organise compared to the Quiksilver Bowlrider events Malmö has had?
A7/. Its easier because we do everything ourselves. With Bowlriders we had to go through Quiksilver with everything. I like the Quikdudes, but it feels better do it all ourselves. Its a good cooperation with Malmö city and big part in building Malmö as a skateboard destination!

Many thanks John for answering those questions and from us all at we hope/know UltraBowl will be a killer.

…and who’s turning up to Sweden’s biggest skateboard event for 2010? (up to date line up)

PRO (here are some pics that have of these guys)
Ben Raybourn USA, Stu Graham SCO, Mike Vallely USA, Carl Wilson UK, Josh Mattson USA, Kevin Kowalski USA, Julien Benodiel FRA, Zarosh Eggleston USA, Andy Scott UK, Frank Faria USA, Joel Webb AU, Tim Johnson USA, Lars Monsen NOR, Benji Galloway USA, Steven Reeves USA, Guilliame Guccomile FRA, Josh Screetch Sandoval USA, Kevin Wenske GER, Cody Lockwood USA, Bjorn Klotz GER, Enrico Petralia SWE, Pär Magnusson SWE, Mattias Nyhlen SWE, Sean Barclay USA, Jaime Ruiz Bilbao, Urtzi, Unanue Leioa, Fernando Bramsmark SWE, Alex Giraud FRA, Dennis Degenhardt GER, Oskar Rozenberg Hallb SWE, Rigo Bilbao, Steven White NYZ, Eddie Lindqvist SWE, Rion Linderman USA, Michi Koop AUT, Rob Smith UK, Davis Stenström SWE, Craig Stewart SCO, Arina Rahman MAY, Balder Lehman DK, Dirk Rasslof GER, Robin Roos SWE, Fabian Kutscha GER

MASTERS (here are some pics that have of these guys)
Duane Peters USA, Anders Tellen GER, Lester Kasai USA, Txus Dominguez Bilbao, Nicky Guererro DK, Jan Loften SWE, Mark Munson UK, Zimpa Lindell SWE, Paul “Dicky” Davis UK, Johnny Sandberg SWE, Patrik Evander SWE, Mattias Svensson SWE, Peter Dietsches Diepes GER, Henrik Wadsten SWE, Chris Lonergan SCO, Wolfgang Toth GER, Keith Stephenson USA, Per Lindberg SWE, Gerd Riger GER, Stefan Stare SWE, Hans Jacobsson SWE

Kevin Harris CAN, Lillis Åkesson SWE

Stan Postmus

Kalle Hell (Hemma hos DJ Kalle Hell)

Stu Graham UltraBowl picture

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  2. Is there going to be enough concrete for all of the skaters?
    The line up is amazing.
    All thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!

  3. Synd att DUANE inte kommer……….

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