Jul 272010

Not far from my home town of Hassocks is (what looks like) a great concrete bowl at Shoreham. Shoreham is very close to Brighton (directly South of London on the English Channel). I’ve been hearing rumours that a new concrete park was being built for a while now but could not find any info… but now, at long last I’ve found it. Looks like I’ll be visiting my mum a little bit more often 😉

Some info and pics of the sk8 park you can find at shorehamskatepark.co.uk. So if you’re making a trip to Brighton check Shoreham out.

What’s so fun with this is that it’s not far away from the skatepark that I used to sk8 a lot at in the 70’s… The Barn (at Fishersgate, close to Brighton aka Pig City). Some of the locals were real rippers and one in particular (Mark Baker) came over to Sweden and stayed a while, (see Tony Magnusson’s interview). Good to see that the Brighton area has got back on track with getting concrete skateparks :-)

Bellow is a collage of some pics I’ve found on the internet showing what the park looked like. As you can see behind Mark Baker (on the 1st top left pic) is the Barn that the park was named after. I can also remember there was this sketchy U ramp in there that was wobbly as hell and only about 1.5 meters wide. Quite a few of these guys were members of Max’s (Sunset Boulevard) skateboard team. One of those team riders was a childhood best friend (and still is) Keith Shillitoe, you can see him doing his signature handstand trick ”The spider” (bottom right).

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  1. Wow memory, of a great part of my teenage years were had at the barn skate park, I used to go to school with a guy called ‘Phil Earl , who’s dad owned THE BARN SKATE PARK ,we used to hangout there at weekends, skateboarding at night under the floodlights it had a blue tile pool, and a bowl, also two ramps in the Barn, and a massive banked rectangle shape skate area so you could ride it without having to push off like you were surfing……good times!!!!!

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